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EFT with Animals

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The site owner cannot be held responsible for content that is added to Marie's manuals, as many parts of Marie's work is her own techniques, ideas and research over the years and not proven. 

The information contained in her course manuals may be considered educational and may be considered visionary in nature and are provided only as general information. The information and contents presented in the EFT Animals Courses and manuals are introductions to working with animals, wildlife & insects with EFT and some other energy based techniques.
Much of Marie's work with animals & EFT has offered successful results, and this is generally the case  in experienced and knowledgeable  practitioner hands. The Course Manuals must be read and/or used at that persons own risk. None of these ever advise to be used without taking medical advice for any health issue and veterinary advice for any animal first. Importantly , they do not take the place of either.
Always seek medical help or veterinary help first for yourself or animal.
The information presented in these handbooks are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder and are not a substitute for medical, psychological nor veterinary treatment in the case of animals.

 No responsibility or liability can be accepted whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information contained in the course resources and if you or your animal are unwell or have health issues, you are strongly advised to seek professional and/or medical advice and veterinary care and advice for animals as appropriate before implementing any resource. 

The resources and coursework are strictly Not for use with other people or animals and simply for interest purposes for self and your own animal on the Foundational Course. If the Accredited Practitioner status is held, then that person must take out the correct insurance to cover them for their work and is no responsibility or liability of the course trainer.