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EFT with Animals

Flexi Personalised Bespoke Payment Plans

Flexi Personalised Bespoke Payment Plans.

Marie is passionate about sharing her work with EFT & Animals and often finds the easiest way to do this is by helping people in a bespoke manner.

Marie has many different methods of Payment Plans to help you where you need most by collaborating with you ,to offer the perfect bespoke plan which is individual to suit your needs.

Marie can offer monthly plan subscriptions, quarterly and/or can look together at your current financing needs ie: you advise Marie what is a suitable amount for you  and over how long? For example monthly and maybe set over for example over 6 months or sometimes a year. Or indeed in several payments - you state!

So whilst it may seem slightly unusual, that you are bringing the terms, Marie has often worked this way to help people move forward with what they would really like to do or become in life ,for example: become a qualified EFT Animal Practitioner.

So wherever possible Marie would help and be flexible and if she cannot, would let you know.

Feel free to drop Marie a line, if you are interested in a course and want to look at this together. There is a Contact Form below.


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