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EFT with Animals

Meet Your Trainer, Marie Holliday.

Marie Holliday is your Trainer for EFT with Animals and the Founder of the courses, accreditation and ideas, research and concepts of using EFT with all animals. Marie includes our companion friends, birds, insects, wildlife & endangered species and not limited to helping with fears & phobias of animals eg: fear of snakes, large dogs, horses, spiders etc.

Marie has worked with EFT and Animals for over 12 years now and is passionate about both. Many of the photographs used on the website and the course manuals are her own, documented over the years.

Marie is a Master EFT Trainer of Trainers & Practitioner for over 20 years now with EFT International association where she teaches official, accredited EFT Courses worldwide with recognised certification.

Marie had a profound introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) when she recovered in 2 days from debilitating symptoms she had been left with, following a very serious brain haemorrhage and the medical world could not help Marie.

Marie discovered EFT then and has never stopped training it, using it and specialised in serious illnesses. Whilst this is an area she still works in with people, her practice took another turn with animals in 2003 where she developed another speciality with EFT and Animals. It was a life changing moment where she had a 'spiritual message' whilst training, that completely changed her life and devoting it to animals including her very popular international Animal Energy World Conferences now in their tenth year. Please read about Marie's spiritual experience, as she believes that everyone is involved in this and it isn't something that she can aspire to alone and believes the message was given to her - but is meant for everyone. Read about this remarkable happening here.


Marie has lived in Spain over half her life now and teaches courses and is a professional mentor, internationally and would be delighted to help you with any query or course dates etc. Feel free to message her here.