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EFT with Animals

Accredited 'Live' Courses Online.

Welcome to EFT with Animals Course Information. Download Full Information Brochure here.

Welcome to EFT with Animals and to Marie Holliday who is the Founder, Developer & Trainer of your Courses.

The courses are different levels and made easy to suit your own personal needs and finances.

The courses are at two levels which are Foundational and EFT Animals Practitioner:-

1. Foundational Course for your own use with your own animal companions or friends/family companions. Total of One Day Course is £199.00

This is a One day live ( or two x half day) course with a Certificate of Attendance which is 6 hours CPD worthy if you require this.

 2. Practitioner Course is a One day live Course where the Foundational Course is a prerequisite. Total of two days course is: £395.00

In total the Practitioner requires the Two days live (in total with the Foundational a one day ) with a Certificate of Attendance which is 12 hours CPD worthy.

NB: This two day course can also be taken as a General Interest Course without interest in Practitioner status.

3. Official Practitioner Accreditation  is open to anyone who is interested in this, following successful completion of the courses. The

Process is made up of of 38 hours and includes home Pre & Post Study, Case Studies (video, audio or written),4 hours Mentoring with Marie

& Multi - choice Exam. Accreditation is £495.00

Or Total of Two Days Practitioner Course & Accreditation Process is £850. Save £40.00. 

Payment Plans available.

NB: The Practitioner course is therefore in three parts made up of Foundational, Practitioner & Accreditation and is 50 hours in total to Practitioner Certification.( 12 hours Course & 38 hours Accreditation)

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