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EFT with Animals

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Learn EFT to Qualified Professional Accredited Practitioner Status

If you have no knowledge of Emotional Freedom Techniques ( or EFT or Tapping as it is known) then Gary Craig, the Founder, once called it a Gift for Life. It truly is! And maybe you have found this page to first help you on your own self care with EFT before anyone else, including animals. You can only help animals when you have truly helped yourself.

EFT knowledge is a prerequisite to applying for Accreditation Practitioner with EFT with Animals. Yes, this is a long process and a huge investment of your time, finances & efforts but you would never regret the decision to be able to work professionally with people & their animal companions through accredited courses. You will be pioneering professionally in this phenomenal technique and supported by Marie throughout your learning, practice & studying.

Marie Holliday is an official EFT Master Trainer of Trainers & EFT Expert with EFT International Association and has been teaching EFT for over 20 years, so understands how important it is to have a solid knowledge of these techniques, especially if you wish to work with a client base for such as animal companion bereavement, anxieties and many more issues that are professional areas of work ie: working with public, alongside their animals. 

So your first step is to learn EFT professionally, then learn how to use/adapt/transfer your knowledge & skills to animals then.

Please feel free to browse through Marie's EFT Training Courses which are 'live' online, on her website - EFT Online Tapping. 

There is a Discounted Package to learn EFT to Practitioner level & EFT Animal Practitioner Combined on this web link here. Payment Plan on request.

Or message Marie on the Contact Form below.

Marie has a complete package for learning EFT to professionally qualified EFT International Practitioner where you can work with the public and additionally includes the full Accreditation Course EFT with Animals. Yes, this is a total commitment of time, money and effort yet you would not expect any less to work professionally in both areas and be covered with insurance in both areas. View here.

If you are qualified in EFT and wish to work with animals or unsure of your qualification entry, then the Entry Application Form can be downloaded here and returned to Marie. Any questions then please don't hesitate to ask.

Complimentary EFT Manual here!

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