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EFT with Animals

Accredited 'Live' Courses Online.

EFT Advanced Animal Practitioner Course

EFT Advanced Animal Practitioner Accreditation £495.00

Pay here Total for 2 Day Advanced Practitioner Course & Advanced Accreditation £ 850.00 ( Save £40.00)

This area is for those Practitioners who want to go further in their development with EFT & Animals and wish to use this with all animals including wildlife, insects, endangered species etc etc. It may include an interest in Research also. This is taking yourself to the next level, the expert level. This course has a prerequisite of officially trained EFT Animal Practitioner status through Marie Holliday. 

There is a full brochure with different levels of EFT Animal courses from General Interest, Practitioner to Advanced Practitioner & course contents/syllabus, information etc in this Brochure Download.

To officially become an EFT Advanced Animal Practitioner and complete the final part of certification following your Advanced Practitioner Course, you will need to have successfully completed 35 hours consisting of the following and including the course and any pre/post study made up in total of 50 hours to certification:-

1. Pre & Post Course Study Reading - 3 hours

2. Practitioner Two Day Advanced Course live online - 12 hours

3. Accreditation - 35 hours

4. Accreditation Total -  50 hours

Marie supports you through this whole process by assessing and giving feedback on each case study, marking your exam with feedback and invaluable mentoring at any stage through this Accreditation process.

Accreditation includes successfully completing the following 6 x Case Studies which can be completed in written form, audio or video :-

1. One Case Study on an Insect OR Reptile

2. One Case Study on a Domestic Animal that must be Surrogate

    NB: Permission Form necessary for friends/family available in Private Members to attach with study when completed.

3. One Case Study of a Wild Animal, Endangered Animal, Zoo Animal

4. One Case Studies on a Fear/Phobia with a Human OR One Case Study on an Animal Bereavement issue with a human losing it's animal companion.

5. One written study on a Research area that interests you, such as Surrogate, Distant healing etc. You may discuss with a member of the Research team or Marie herself with any ideas etc you have.OR A Business Practice review- reviewing your own animal practice eg website, fees, clients, how you work etc. 

You may approach Marie if you have a Case Study you would like to share that doesn't fit in to the categories above.

NB: A Case Study Guide is accessible to download in your Members Area.

TOTAL 35 HOURS OF ACCREDITATION which is made up of the following:-

Above 5 x Case Studies - 14 hours including 14 hours practice along with write up/audio or video = 28 hours total
Exam - 3 hours
Mentoring with Marie - 4 hours
TOTAL 50 HOURS Course to Certification:-

Pre & Post Study Reading - 3 hours

Live Online 2 x Day Practitioner Course - 12 hours

Accreditation total - 35 hours

Course Total = 50 hours

EFT Advanced Animal Practitioner Accreditation £495.00

Pay here Total for 2 Day Advanced Practitioner Course & Advanced Accreditation £ 850.00 ( Save £40.00)

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