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EFT with Animals

Accredited 'Live' Courses Online.

Purchase your One Day EFT with Animals Foundational One Day Course here £199.00.

EFT with Animals Foundational One Day Course-There is a full brochure with different levels of EFT Animal courses from General Interest, Practitioner to Advanced Practitioner & course contents/syllabus, information etc in this Brochure Download.

EFT with Animals' is a one day course or two half days of 6 hours total. If you are interested in working towards an official EFT Animal Practitioner status with EFT & Animals, then this Foundational Course is a prerequisite and you can read more here on the full course. This workshop is live online via Zoom. Importantly, you do need basic to expert knowledge of EFT to take this workshop. If you are interested in taking foundational EFT for yourself or for professional use then visit here. EFT is an invaluable technique can be used both for yourself and for your animal companions and indeed wildlife, insects and all animals. Your Master Trainer of Trainers with EFT is Marie Holliday, who discovered some of her own ways of working with animals many years ago - both surrogate and ´on´ the animal with EFT a phenomenal energy technique. She did her own research and developed new ideas and ways of using tapping with animals. She would love to share these skills with you on this in depth comprehensive workshop.

The workshops are online with options of a one day workshop via Zoom starts at 9.00 am UK time and finishes 5.00 pm UK time including breaks & lunch and two half days at varying times running throughout the year..

Course Contents include and are not limited to:

  • Using EFT with my Animal Companions ( & friends/family)
  • Tap with all animals including introduction with wildlife, insects etc.
  • Use with abandoned animals & in associations, voluntary etc.
  • Where do I tap?
  • How do I tap?
  • Multi Methods & Techniques of tapping
  • Physically tap on animals?
  • Surrogate Tapping & Multi Surrogate ways
  • Tap & Walk
  • Tapping for Distress & Anxiety
  • The Energy Exchange Photograph Technique – Marie’s own technique
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Ideas to help humans & children? Including Dissociation
  • Surrogate Tapping Aid – use of
  • Signs of Animals enjoying tapping?
  • Signs - Not enjoying/enjoying tapping?
  • Lung acupoint – useful information
  • Powerful Breathing Techniques to help you/person & Animal
  • Introduction-fears/phobias
  • Permission. Intention. Love
  • Importance Self care
  • Borrowing Benefits
  • ‘The Message’
  • Practitioner information

It is a 6hr CPD Worthy event and includes 5 x Manuals and a Certificate of Attendance.

Contact Marie if you need more details here.

You can learn how to help your animal companions quite simply with EFT. This technique helps with: Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Trauma, Pain, Behavioural issues. You will notice that these issues are common in ourselves as are the tapping acupoints for both humans and animals.​

EFT & Animals Downloads, there are 5 comprehensive downloads packed with Marie's years of experience as an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers and her own work with animals . 

The Workshop including all 5x Manuals, Certificate of Attendance & CPD Worthy 6 hrs Only £199.00

1) Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques for Animals . 

Comprehensive E Book with EFT tapping charts for animals.

2)This Surrogate Tapping Aid Download is a great little resource Marie developed to help people who found it difficult to know what to say, how to say it and what to do with their own pets when using EFT and surrogate work. Surrogate work with animals often worries people and yet it works equally as well as normal -in fact some would say better. It is an easy guide that gives you a step by step follow through procedure for you and your pet or other peoples animals. You can use a photo of the animal or pet if available. Additionally you can adapt for people.


3)This fully illustrated 40 page book with Marie's own photographs documenting her use of EFT with animals is a great resource for suggestions, ideas to help you get started .It will help you explore the vast range of animals that you can work with from domesticated animals to wildlife to insects.

4)The Energy Exchange Photo Techniques are Maries own techniques that she developed and presented at EFT Masterclass 2009, UK. She has since updated them to include many varied uses of photographs and tapping for animals.


5) Tapping ideas and suggestions for your animals. Marie has included an Ebook including suggestions, ideas, tapping phrases and set up phrases with different problems such as anxiety, breathing, stomach etc . The book includes the importance of using Love and  Gratitude and how to introduce Positive phrases with animals into your tapping.


Purchase your One Day EFT with Animals Foundational Course here £199.00.

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