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EFT with Animals

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Marie has shared this 'spiritual message' with you all, in the hope that whoever is reading this, then it is meant for you:-

"My life changed dramatically when teaching EFT with a lovely small group on the beautiful island of Mallorca in March 2013. 

This would change my life forever.

I call it ´The Message'.

I was teaching and discussing Gary Craig´s most beautiful session of ´Personal Peace Procedure´ (a beautiful EFT procedure for eliminating traumas)and a voice that was very loud and very clear said:-

¨You will never have world Peace until you take our animals with you¨

This made so much sense! If you would like to read more about this life changing message, please download it here.

At that time as Co Director of the AAMET Training Board ( ex-EFT International) and a Board member of the Executive Committee, I stepped down after completing  my work commitments and started doing whatever I could to help animals more. I started teaching some local associations who homed abandoned dogs and taught them how to use EFT for their dogs and for themselves. Whilst this was very rewarding and you can see a testimonial here I knew there was a bigger picture here that I had to persue."