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EFT with Animals

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EFT with Animals Research Department

Using EFT with Animals Research Department.

This is an area of Research that I honestly believe hasn't been done before even though I looked into it around 6 years ago. Using EFT myself with animals for over 10 years now, I have my own research but not validated nor written up! I honestly have been too busy yet have much that is fascinating with animals, wildlife and insects when using tapping that I believe is worthy of a Research Department.

Yes, it will take time to develop and look into but if this area interests you then please get in touch with the contact form below, stating your area of interest or maybe how you would like to be involved. This would be voluntary work, so those that are passionate about animals & EFT would be welcomed.

Criteria for Volunteers in this area:-

  • Interest in research and delving deeper into the animal energy world.
  • Particular interest and/or experience in writing up professionally Research based papers & professional knowledge/skills in this area welcomed.
  • You have the Time to be involved in this Research.
  • Time to involved in Meetings.
  • Passionate about this area of research with EFT & Animals and may not have knowledge of specific areas but have time, interest and a very strong passion to become involved with Marie & other members of this department to help all animals.
  • Ability to undertake any Research Project within 'given parameters/boundaries' & keep records.
  • Interest more in Administrative side and taking notes/minutes of meetings.

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